Moving money is now easier

Moving money between your CDF account and accounts at other Canadian financial institutions is now easier with CDF online banking.


  • It's easy. Once set up with Me-to-Me, you can start making transfers from your CDF account to and from your linked bank accounts from the convenience of online banking.
  • It's secure. Transfers can only be completed between accounts that are in the name of the same account holder(s). All parties on the accounts must sign the Me-to-Me money transfer authorization form for each account that needs to be linked. Me-to-Me will only be activated once accounts are verified via void personalized cheque or teller stamped authorization from other FI in section 2 of the Me-to-Me form.
  • It's convenient. With Me-to-Me transfer, you can complete a transfer from your linked bank accounts without having to call, send instructions to CDF or visit an ATM to deposit cheques.
  • It's quick. Outgoing external transfers can take up to 3 business days to be processed to your accounts.
  • Move money into your CDF account with funds from another financial institution.
  • Send money from your CDF account to an account at another financial institution.
  • Link up to five (5) Canadian financial institutions.



How it works

How to link your accounts

  1. Download the Me-to-Me Money Transfer Authorization form for each bank account that needs to be linked.
  2. Complete form CDF4312 to provide account information, a void personalized cheque or teller stamped authorization and all account holder(s) authorization.

Please note: Once we have received your signed authorization form and verified your account details, we will verify and activate your accounts. This can take up to five (5) business days.

How to activate your linked accounts

  1. Within 5 business days of receiving your completed authorization form, CDF will set up the external bank account.
  2. You will need to contact CDF and confirm the nominal transfers made into your linked bank accounts.
  3. Once confirmed, you can start transferring money to and from your linked bank accounts within CDF online banking.

Please note: To remove a linked bank account log in to online banking and go to transfers in the left hand side navigation. Go to "Link External Accounts" and select the Delete link on the account you would like remove. Please note this may take up to 3 business days to complete.